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We strongly recommend CMS4MEDIA as partners for cooperation for local newspapers, TV and radio stations, and local web portals. So far, our evaluation of the cooperation is really high – relations based on partnership, excellent understanding of local media functioning, providing solutions to our needs - these are the main arguments for continuing the cooperation. For new companies this may be the reason for accepting CMS4MEDIA’s offer.
Marek Barabasz
Owner of Pzl24.pl and Dzienniknowy.pl
We recommend CMS4MEDIA for several reasons: 1) It provides an additional source of revenue for the company - we profit from both national and local advertisements; 2) We have a very big impact on how the portal looks like; 3) Managing the portal is really simple - it does not require specialist technical knowledge.
Andrzej Rzemieniak
Director of the Catholic Radio Zamość
Thanks to CMS4MEDIA, our association can communicate better with the residents. As the Society of Cedyna Land Lovers, we have been running an online portal for 7 years. Due to our cooperation with CMS4MEDIA, we gained new tools for building a civil society. CMS4MEDIA offers a professional approach and high media culture. The provided tools are at a high level and ensure comfortable work, even for volunteers, for which we are grateful to CMS4MEDIA.
The management of the Society of the Cedynia Land Lovers
I have been cooperating with CMS4MEDIA from the very beginning. I highly value the possibility of introducing new functionalities at customers’ individual request - because of this the product is constantly evolving. What is equally important - the webpage is a responsive tool and it is a pleasure to use it on mobile devices.
Agnieszka Cybulska
Owner of Lokalnatelewizja.pl
We confirm that our company uses the technological solutions offered by CMS4MEDIA. We have decided to implement a new online portal. CMS4MEDIA consultants provided invaluable and professional help and were extremely nice during the implementation process. The new portal has facilitated our everyday journalistic work. We assess the quality of these comprehensive solutions very highly and recommend the technological potential of CMS4MEDIA to other publishers.
Roman Rybak
Co-owner, editor and publisher of Olesnica24.pl
The use of both CMS and CRM platforms brings palpable benefits. These tools have effectively influenced the work of the people responsible for acquiring advertisers for the portal. Thank you for your approach based on partnership, and for listening to our needs.
Adam Pachura
Owner of Tvsudecka.pl
We publish sponsored content on the websites belonging to the CMS4MEDIA group and that translates into increased traffic on our clients' websites. We are satisfied with the cooperation and we will certainly continue with it.
Maciej Kędzia
Head of the SEO department
Radio eM Kielce has already been cooperating with CMS4MEDIA for several years. During that time, our business partner showed great professionalism in the field of advertising and creating promotional campaigns, and I define our interpersonal contacts as excellent.
Paweł Michalec
Director of Marketing eM Kielce Radio and Weekly newspaper
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